OT73 - I surrender all

strofe 1

Ev'ry word I say, all the things I do,
ev'ry step I take, ev'rything.
All that's in my mind, ev'ry single thought,
all that is inside, ev'rything.


I surrender all to Jesus,
I surrender all to Him.
All my life belongs to Jesus,
I surrender all!

strofe 2

All that I possess, ev'rything I feel,
joy and happiness, ev'rything.
All that's dear to me, ev'ryone I love,
friends and family, ev'rything.


All my doubts and all my fear,
ev'ry cry and ev'ry tear,
all my insecurities,
all my problems and my griefs.

All my weakness and my shame,
ev'ry sickness, ev'ry pain,
ev'ry struggle, ev'ry sorrow,
Yesterday, today, tomorrow.