OT246 - Forever

(strofe 1)

The moon and stars, they wept.
The morning sun was dead.
The saviour of the world was fallen.
His body on the cross,
His blood poured out for us.
The weight of ev'ry curse upon Him.

(strofe 2)

One final breath He gave,
as heaven looked away.
The Son of God was laid in darkness.
A battle in the grave,
the war on death was waged.
The power of hell forever broken.

(strofe 3)

The ground began to shake,
The stone was rolled away.
His perfect love could not be overcome.
Now death, where is your sting?
Our resurrected King
has rendered you defeated!


Forever He is glorified.
Forever He is lifted high.
Forever He is risen.
He is alive. He is alive!


We sing hallelujah.
We sing hallelujah.
We sing hallelujah.
The Lamb has overcome.