AT10 - Never gonna stop


For Your beauty that's been shown
For Your mysteries unknown
For the miracles we've seen
We praise You Lord

For the story of Your love
For the wonder of Your blood
how it makes the sinner clean
Someone like me


So I'm never gonna stop
never gonna stop
Lifting up my hands to You
Lifting up my heart
When the last day comes and goes
And time will be no more
I'll be praising You

No I'll never let it end
I'll just begin it all again
Shouts of thankfulness and love
I'm always gonna give
a thousand years from now
Before Your throne of grace and pow'r
I'll be praising You
praising You


Though pressed on every side
with troubles and fears so near me
and should the
whole wide world deny You
I'll just make it louder
Shout Your name on high


I'll be praising
I'll be praising You